Invokana Side Effects: Kidney Damage, UTI, and Ketoacidosis

January 5, 2017 Hill Fox 0

Invokana Side Effects: Kidney Damage, UTI, and Ketoacidosis. What are the Invokana side effects that patients using the Type 2 diabetes drug should be aware of? The more common side effects include the following: urinary tract infections increased urination yeast infections vaginal itching thirst constipation nausea fatigue weakness skin sensitivity to sunlight and hypersensitivity reactions (including skin redness, rash, itching, hives, and swelling) bladder pain bloody or cloudy urine decreased frequency or amount of urine […]

Seroquel Diabetes Side Effect: Tracy Miksell-Branch Lawsuit

January 2, 2017 Hill Fox 0

Seroquel Diabetes Lawsuit. In an earlier post (see Seroquel Weight Gain), we told you about how AstraZeneca minimized or misrepresented the weight gain associated with the use of Seroquel as alleged in the lawsuit filed against the company by Tracy Miksell-Branch.

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