PlayStation Side Effects: Palmar Hidradenitis

November 1, 2016 Hill Fox 0

PlayStation Side Effects. Do you have PlayStation palmar hidradenitis? If you spend a lot of your time in front of your PlayStation, then you just might have this PlayStation palmar hidradenitis thingie. But what is it? Well, it is a new skin disorder caused by your constant use of games consoles. Check out this BBC report on a swiss girl who was diagnosed with this new disease.

Kombucha Side Effects: Liver Damage and Kidney Failure?

October 29, 2016 Hill Fox 0

Kombucha Side Effects. What are the side effects of kombucha tea? Is it true that drinking the famous tea can lead to liver damage? Is Jake Gyllenhaal, seen below with a kombucha tea drink, endangering his liver when he drinks the stuff which is often advertised as a health drink? [Related: Whey Protein Side Effects]

Ice Cream Side Effects: Listeria Infection Can Make You Sick

October 12, 2016 Hill Fox 0

Ice Cream Side Effects: Listeria and Salmonella Infection? Lead Poisoning? We all know that ice dream is delicious. Heck, we like it so much we don’t mind eating a pint every week even if it means more time running at the gym. Despite its deliciousness, you should know that ice cream can be dangerous to your health. No, we don’t mean the fact that ice cream adds more pounds to your weight. Neither are we […]

Whey Protein Side Effects: Allergy, Cramps, Liver Damage

October 12, 2016 Hill Fox 0

Whey Protein Side Effects. In an earlier post we mentioned that, so far, there is no objective proof that whey protein causes hair loss. [See Whey Protein Hair Loss.] However, this does not mean that there are no whey protein side effects that a user should be aware of. Like anything else, too much use of whey protein supplements can cause adverse health effects. For instance, did you know that an overdose of whey protein […]

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