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Truvada HIV Prevention: Financial Cost Study and Does it Really Work?

Truvada HIV Prevention: Does it Work for High Risk Gay Men? HIV/AIDS: it’s still incurable, and it’s reached epidemic proportions. Since it was first recognized by the United States Centers for Disease and Prevention in 1981, more than 60 million people have contracted the human immunodeficiency virus and nearly 30 million have died of HIV-related causes. Today, about 34 million adults worldwide live with HIV/AIDS, according to the World Health Organization.

About 1.2 million Americans are infected with HIV, and men who have sex with men (MSM) account for the more than half of the 56,000 new cases yearly in the U.S., according to the CDC. Gay men who have five or more sex partners have a particularly high risk.

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Do Steroid or Arthritis Injections Relieve Sciatica Pain?

Steroid for Sciatica Pain: Effective or Not? People with sciatica — a searing pain that shoots from the lower back straight down the leg — are a notoriously difficult-to-treat bunch. For one, sciatica is a symptom of a medical problem — not a medical condition on its own.

Brought on by an injury to or pressure on the sciatic nerve — the nerve that controls the muscles in the back of the knee and the lower leg and provides sensation to the back of the thigh, part of the lower leg and the foot’s sole — it can be caused by a number of things. Tumors, pelvic fracture or injury, or piriformis syndrome — a pain disorder involving the narrow muscle in the buttocks — are among the conditions that can cause sciatica. Often, pain is caused by the protrusion of vertebral disk substance pressing on the roots of the sciatic nerve. [Related: Stem Cell for Osteo-Arthritis]

steroid for sciatica pain

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KE Diet Side Effects and Health Risks

KE Diet Side Effects and Health Risks. Would you put a tube up your nose just to lose weight? Sounds extreme, doesn’t it? And it is. But that’s exactly what desperate brides are doing now, in the United States.

But long before this diet fad — called the K-E diet — reached its shores, it had already taken root in Europe, in countries like Italy and Spain, where it’s routinely used to lose weight before a big event and for more significant weight loss, the New York Times reports.

The Times report went on to say, “In England, where it has been offered for the past year as the KEN — or ketogenic enteral nutrition — diet, The Daily Mail asked if it was ‘the most extreme diet ever,’ before adding that a National Health Service doctor was offering it.”

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