Selenium Side Effects, Safety Risks, and Benefits

March 15, 2012 Hill Fox 0

Selenium Side Effects, Safety Risks, and Benefits. Study says selenium supplements could be harmful. Americans and Canadians don’t need selenium supplements. But they are going over the recommended upper limits that presents health risks in the long-term. Are selenium supplements good for you? Yes and no. And like most things in life, moderation is the key. A new review of studies shows that most people in Canada and the U.S. get enough selenium in their […]

Jack3d, OxyElite Side Effects: Safe or Not? Good or Bad?

February 16, 2012 Hill Fox 0

DMAA supplements Jack3d, OxyElite Pro are drugs and aren’t healthy — health experts say. Consumers beware. In this fitness-crazy world that peddles getting six-pack abs as the ultimate life goal, another dietary supplement, popular with athletes and fitness enthusiasts, has been linked to cerebral hemorrhage, heart attacks and death. The bestselling products, found in major retail chains like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe or sold online by websites like, include Jack3d, a “preworkout booster,” and […]