Does Nexplanon Cause Depression?

A common question for some who visit this site is “does nexplanon cause depression?”. In an earlier post, we listed depression as one of the side effects of this birth control method [see Nexplanon Side Effects] but maybe its good if we delve more on the issue of Nexplanon and depression.

Having a “depressed mood” is mentioned by Merck (the drug maker of Nexplanon) as one of the frequent side effects of Nexplanon. Says Merck in its prescribing information for Nexplanon:

Women with a history of depressed mood should be carefully observed. Consideration should be given to removing
NEXPLANON in patients who become significantly depressed.

During a clinical trial, depression was found as an adverse reaction to the implant in a little over one in twenty (5.5%) participants.

Exactly 1% of clinical trial participants discontinued use of the birth control implant because of depression. The number is higher if we focus on participants from the United States where 2.4% discontinued with the trial because of depression.

Aside from depression, Nexplanon can also cause “emotional liability” which is characterized by mood swings such as involuntary or uncontrollable episodes of crying and/or laughing.

Emotional liability is reported among 6.5% of trial subjects. A little over two in one hundred participants (2.3%) discontinued use of Nexplanon because of their emotional liability adverse reaction to the birth control implant; the figure is, again, higher in the U.S. where 6.1% experienced emotional lability that led to discontinuation.

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  1. I had recently gotten nexaplanon a month ago & Then just I recently have gotten diagnosed with clinical depression. is the nexaplanon the main cause?

  2. i have bipolar, more depression than mania. I tend to get depressed during my periods. I tried to get an IUD but my cervix wouldn’t open, so my gyno suggested the implant. I’m worried though that I’ll get even more depressed. so what do I do? pill is not an option anymore.

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