Nicotine Patch Side Effects and Benefits

Nicotine Patch Side Effects and Benefits. A new research study shows that nicotine patches can boost memory in older nonsmokers with mild cognitive impairment, a common precursor to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

The new study, sponsored by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), was modest in size, involving about 70 people over six months. But lead researcher Dr. Paul Newhouse said it’s the largest study ever done to investigate how nicotine might improve memory. Newhouse is director of the Center for Cognitive Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“There were improvements in attention and memory performance in patients who took the nicotine patch compared to those with the placebo patch,” Dr. Newhouse told NPR’s Health Blog Shots. “The placebo patients stayed the same or got worse.”

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PlayStation Side Effects: Palmar Hidradenitis

PlayStation Side Effects. Do you have PlayStation palmar hidradenitis? If you spend a lot of your time in front of your PlayStation, then you just might have this PlayStation palmar hidradenitis thingie.

But what is it? Well, it is a new skin disorder caused by your constant use of games consoles. Check out this BBC report on a swiss girl who was diagnosed with this new disease.

Doctors who examined her at the Geneva University Hospital concluded she had a condition known as ‘idiopathic eccrine hidradenitis’, a skin disorder that generally causes red, sore lumps on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

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Smokeless Tobacco Side Effects: Is It Safe and Not Addictive?

Smokeless Tobacco Side Effects. Healthwise, is smokeless tobacco safer than smoked tobacco? Is tobacco less dangerous to your body if you don’t smoke it and, instead, take it in through other ways? Is Ashton Kutcher — who was spotted by the paparazzi buying snuff — less likely to develop cancer if he uses snuff rather than cigarettes?

Apparently, smokeless tobacco is not safe at all. It can still give you cancer (oral, esophageal, and pancreatic). Smokeless tobacco can also cause heart disease, gum disease, and oral lesions such as leukoplakia.

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