Bad Side Effects of Tight Underwear: Low Sperm Count?

Bad Side Effects of Tight Briefs Underwear. One of the contentious subtopics in the endless debate on which is better between boxers vs. briefs is whether tight briefs underwear is bad for a man’s fertility particularly his ability to produce healthy sperm.

Said debate is exemplified in these two Yahoo! Answers answers with one on the side of “tight briefs are bad for your health”:

From Metal Nettle: Close fitting underwear can affect your fertility if it keeps your testicles above their normal temperature by holding them too close to your body, they hang free below your body for a reason.

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Dificlir Side Effects (Fidaxomicin)

A new drug, Dificlir (generic: fidaxomicin), will soon be available in the United Kingdom to combat clostridium difficile infection. Normally, the c. diff bacterium which is found in the stomach does not cause any problems but it can turn toxic if it multiplies faster than the “good” bacteria in the gut resulting in health problems such as diarrhea or fever.

Anyhoo, as we were saying, Dificlir is now available to fight the infection.

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Myrbetriq Side Effects: Drug for Urinary Incontinence or Overactive Bladder

Myrbetriq Side Effects: Drug for Urinary Incontinence or Overactive Bladder. Are you one of 33 million Americans (and more than 200m people worldwide according to a dated 1998 figure from the World Health Organization) who suffer from urinary incontinence? Then you might be interested in a drug by Astellas Pharma named Myrbetriq (generic name: mirabegron) which is aimed at lessening your trips to the bathroom. The anti-urinary incontinence drug was approved today by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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