Saxenda Side Effects, Cost Price, Effectiveness of Obesity Drug

Saxenda Side Effects, Cost Price, Effectiveness of Obesity Drug. Last December, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Saxenda as a treatment option for weight management. This FAQ is for those of you who are wondering about Saxenda side effects, whether the drug is the right one for you, the cost of the drug or the price you have to buy to get yourself some Saxenda, and more.

What are Serious Saxenda Side Effects? According to the FDA the following serious side effects are recorded for patients treated with Saxenda: Continue reading

Water Pills Side Effects: Dehydration, Blurred Vision, Cramps

Water Pills Side Effects: Dehydration, Blurred Vision, Cramps. Ever heard of water pills for weight loss? Apparently, some people are using diuretics to shed some pounds. If you are planning to do so, you should know that using diuretics to loss weight is not advisable. Why, you ask? Because it has dangerous side effects to your health.

Some water pills side effects are as follows: Continue reading

Seroquel Weight Gain Side Effects: Lawsuit Updates

Seroquel Weight Gain Side Effect. If you are taking Seroquel, don’t be surprised if you eventually add on some pounds. In the case of our friend Marla, she added 20 pounds to her original weight of 130 lbs. She now weighs 150 lbs which is not good considering she’s only 5 feet.

This week, she finally decided to combat the weight gain through diet and exercise. We are hoping it will work. Apparently, there is a medication out there that can help Marla loss weight but, for now, she does not want to add more drugs to the ones she has to take.

“I ain’t gonna be popping pills for every health concern,” is what she says. Good luck to Marla in her attempt to shed off her Seroquel weight gain. We will update this post in the future if her workout and dieting efforts bear fruit.

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