EOS Lip Balm Side Effects: Is it Bad for You?

EOS Lip Balm Side Effects. Is EOS Lip Balm bad for you? Apparently, it can be very very bad for some people. And these people have been reporting some EOS Lip Balm side effects to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

eos lip balm side effects - is it bad for you

According to the agency, it has received 58 consumer reports on their adverse reaction to EOS Lip Balm from 06 August 2014 to 28 January 2016. More from the FDA: Continue reading

Whey Protein Hair Loss Side Effect?

Whey Protein Hair Loss Side Effect? Does whey protein powder make you bald or cause you to loss hair? A certain Dr. Larry Shapiro, who is described in a press release as “a nationally recognized hair transplant surgeon and dermatologist”, asserts that it does.

In fact, Dr. Shapiro released a study in April 2010 which concludes that hair loss is linked with use of whey protein isolate supplements. Here’s a quote from the Shapiro study: “[W]hey protein isolate supplements were strongly associated with perceived hair loss, breakage, dullness, weaker hair, less bounce, thinner and slower growth.”

Dr. Shapiro himself has categorically stated that whey protein isolates (WPI) leads to hair loss. Quote from his press release: Continue reading

Whey Protein Side Effects: Allergy, Cramps, Liver Damage

Whey Protein Side Effects. In an earlier post we mentioned that, so far, there is no objective proof that whey protein causes hair loss. However, this does not mean that there are no whey protein side effects that a user should be aware of.

Like anything else, too much use of whey protein supplements can cause adverse health effects. For instance, did you know that an overdose of whey protein can give you stomach cramps?

whey protein side effects - cramps

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