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Mephedrone Side Effects: Does It Cause Impotence?

Mephedrone side effects. Mephedrone use can make you impotent according to a British scientist. Since it first hit the streets of London and other British cities in 2009, mephedrone has claimed the lives of around 50 people and has sent hundreds more to hospital emergency rooms.

But that hasn’t stopped meph — also known as MCAT, ‘bubbles,’ ‘drone,’ ‘meow,’ ‘miaow,’ ‘meow-meow,’ or ‘miaow-mioaw’– from becoming vastly popular among clubbers.

And criminalization of this designer drug in 2010 — only recently part of a wave of imported and dangerous synthetic drugs known as “legal highs” because they could be procured easily and legally — have only made it more popular among clubbers, The Guardian reports.

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Methoxetamine Side Effects: MXE or Mexxy May Be Legal But It’s Not Safe

Methoxetamine: cheap and legal ketamine substitute threatens health of Europe’s clubbers

The deaths of two people on the weekend before Valentine’s Day in Leicestershire, a medium-sized United Kingdom county, have alerted British police to the growing menace of a new legal substitute for the street drug ketamine.

The deaths also highlight a growing modern peril: the rising availability of legal substitutes for street drugs that are highly popular, easy to acquire, but just as deadly. It’s a peril that doctors and law enforcers say is spreading throughout the United Kingdom and northern Europe — and authorities in the United States have pricked-up their ears.

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