Laser Acupuncture Side Effects: Headache, Dizziness, and Nausea

Laser Acupuncture Side Effects. Did you know that headaches can be a side effect of laser acupuncture? At the same time however, there is some evidence that laser acupuncture can be an effective alternative treatment for headaches. Interesting, huh?

laser acupuncture side effects - headache

But let’s first talk about laser acupuncture side effects. According to a position statement issued by the Australian Medical Acupuncture College, the following side effects could result from laser acupuncture: Read More

WiFi Health Risks on Children: Should it be Banned in Schools?

WiFi Health Risks on Children. In April 2007, United Kingdom’s leading government health adviser warned children against placing their computers on their laps while using wireless internet connections, saying there were potential health risks.

Amid mounting public concern over the health risks posed by long-term exposure to Wi-Fi devices, Professor Lawrie Challis, who heads U.K.’s national committee on mobile phone safety research, urged the government to monitor students’ exposure to Wi-Fi devices in schools.

wifi health risks on children

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