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Universal Flu Vaccine Available Soon?

There’s no underestimating the destructive power of a flu pandemic. So far, there have been only five in human history, but the worst one, the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was so deadly. Spreading across the world, even to the Arctic and remote Pacific Islands, it infected almost a third of all the people at that time and killed between 50 million and 100 million people — at least three percent of the world’s population then.

Which is why scientists since then have been hard at work investigating molecular virology, genomics pathogenesis, epidemiology, host immune responses and other aspects of influenza research.

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Indoor Tanning Addiction Leads to California Ban

California bans indoor tanning for under-18s. Seeking to protect minors from the health risks of indoor tanning that have gained increasing public awareness in recent years, California became the first in the United States to ban indoor tanning for under-18s.

The bill, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last October has been in effect since the beginning of this year. The American Academy of Dermatology applauded California for being the first state in the U.S. to pass the measure, and commended Congress for “protecting youth from the dangers of indoor tanning.”

California’s new law bans any minor from using a tanning bed, even with a parent’s permission. It’s the strictest so far in the U.S., but about 30 other states have laws that place limits on indoor tanning for children and teenagers.

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Radiotherapy Side Effects – PORT or Postoperative Risks

New study says radiation for advanced lung cancer doesn’t help. It’s routinely given after surgery in a bid to prevent cancer from recurring. But postoperative radiotherapy, or PORT, can damage the heart and lungs — thereby canceling out the potential benefits, particularly in seniors.

Now a new study even shows that for older people with a certain type and stage of lung cancer, giving radiation treatment after surgery may not extend survival. And while there are some young people who are diagnosed with lung cancer, most cases involve over-fifties who have a history of smoking.

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