AspireAssist Side Effects: Pain, Infection, Vomiting

AspireAssist Side Effects. AspireAssist is probably the weirdest weight-loss technique we will ever hear of. But weird or not, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved AspireAssist after a clinical trial proved that it is effective in making users lose weight.

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How does it work? They say a picture speaks a thousand word so we “borrowed” the image below from because it easily and clearly shows how AspireAssist works:

aspireassist side effects - good or bad

Some details from the FDA media release on AspireAssist:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved a new obesity treatment device that uses a surgically-placed tube to drain a portion of the stomach contents after every meal.

And here’s the pertinent portion on whether AspireAssist is effective or not:

The FDA reviewed results from a clinical trial of 111 patients treated with AspireAssist and appropriate lifestyle therapy, and 60 control patients who received only the lifestyle therapy. After one year, patients using AspireAssist lost an average of 12.1 percent of their total body weight compared to 3.6 percent for the control patients.

Now what are the AspireAssist side effects that users should be aware of? The FDA states that the weight loss device can cause the following adverse events:

  • occasional indigestion
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • constipation
  • diarrhea

For its part, the company behind the device has this to say about immediate AspireAssist side effects:

The most common adverse events immediately after the procedure were abdominal discomfort or pain (treated with pain medication), and nausea or vomiting related to the sedation medicine given during the procedure (treated with anti-nausea medication, if necessary).

Longer-term side effects ” were skin irritation or granulation tissue around the tube placement site on the abdomen (treated with silver nitrate sticks or medicated lotion). Other less common side effects include infection (treated with antibiotics, or device removal or replacement) and abdominal pain or discomfort (treated with medication)”.

Lastly, serious AspireAssist side effects — which required an overnight stay in the hospital or that which could lead to serious harm — include “peritonitis (abdominal tissue inflammation, which can lead to infection or severe pain), abdominal pain post-procedure, tube replacement due to normal wear, and non-bleeding pre-pyloric ulceration (sore on the inside of the stomach, which can result in pain)”.

According to the company, the about serious AspireAssist side effects were successfully treated with medication or removal/replacement.

Can someone die because of this device? There were no deaths during the clinical trial due to this device.

Funnyman Stephen Colbert talks about AspireAssist:

AspireAssist Side Effects: Pain, Infection, Vomiting posted 5 October 2016. Last update on 5 October 2016.