Caffeine Content in Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and Mountain Dew

Caffeine Content in Coffee and Other Drinks. We mentioned in our post on coffee side effects that you should not drink more than 4 mugs of coffee a day. We also mentioned that a mug of brewed coffee contains 140 milligrams (mg) of caffeine while a mug of instant coffee has 100mg of caffeine.

Now, those of you who are curious about the caffeine content in common drinks such as Coca Cola and Mountain Dew will be happy to know that the University of Washington has released a guide that shows the caffeine content in common drinks and foods.

caffeine content in mountain dew

We hope this guide will help you determine whether your are taking in more caffeine than you should. As we mentioned in the post we linked to above, you should not imbibe more than 600mg of caffeine a day. Otherwise, if you drink too much caffeine, you might suffer the negative health impacts such as fast heartbeat, muscle tremor, increase in blood pressure, and dehydration.

Anyhoo, here’s the University of Washington guide on caffeine content (in milligrams or mg):

Caffeine Content in Common Drinks and Foods
(University of Washington)

  • Coffee 150 ml or 5 oz (60-150mg)
  • Coffee, decaf 150 ml or 5 oz (2-5mg)
  • Tea 150 ml or 5 oz (40-80mg)
  • Hot Cocoa 150 ml or 5 oz (1-8 mg)
  • Chocolate Milk 225 ml (2-7mg)
  • Jolt Cola 12 oz (100mg)
  • Josta 12 oz (58mg)
  • Mountain Dew 12 oz (55mg)
  • Surge 12 oz (51mg)
  • Diet Coca Cola 12 oz (45mg)
  • Coca Cola 12 oz (64mg)
  • Coca Cola Classic 12 oz (23mg)
  • Dr. Pepper 12 oz (61mg)
  • Mello Yellow 12 oz (35mg)
  • Mr. Pibb 12 oz (27mg)
  • Pepsi Cola 12 oz (43mg)
  • 7-Up 12 oz (0mg)
  • Mug Root Beer 12 oz (0mg)
  • Sprite 12 oz (0mg)
  • Ben & Jerry’s No Fat Coffee Fudge Frozen Yogurt 1 cup (85mg)
  • Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream 1 cup (40-60mg)
  • Dannon Coffee Yogurt 8 oz. (45mg)
  • 100 Grand Bar 1 bar or 43g (11.2mg)
  • Krackel Bar 1 bar or 47g (8.5mg)
  • Peanut Butter Cup 1 pk or 51 g (5.6mg)
  • Kit Kat Bar 1 bar or 46g (5mg)
  • Raisinets 10 pieces or 10g (2.5mg)
  • Butterfinger Bar 1 bar or 61g (2.4mg)
  • Baby Ruth Bar 1 bar or 60g (2.4 mg)
  • Special Dark Chocolate Bar 1 bar or 41g (31mg)
  • Chocolate Brownie 1.25 oz (8mg)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie 30g (3-5mg)
  • Chocolate Ice Cream 50g (2-5mg)
  • Milk Chocolate 1 oz (1-15mg)
  • Bittersweet Chocolate 1 oz (5-35mg)

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