Seroquel Diabetes Side Effect: Tracy Miksell-Branch Lawsuit

March 5, 2020 Hill Fox 0

Seroquel Diabetes Lawsuit. In an earlier post (see Seroquel Weight Gain), we told you about how AstraZeneca minimized or misrepresented the weight gain associated with the use of Seroquel as alleged in the lawsuit filed against the company by Tracy Miksell-Branch. Well, not surprisingly, AstraZeneca is also alleged to have made misrepresentations on Seroquel’s association with diabetes. From Miksell-Branch’s amended complaint vs. AstraZeneca:

Risperdal Breast Growth Side Effect

February 19, 2020 Hill Fox 0

Risperdal Breast Growth Side Effects. Does the antipsychotic drug Risperdal cause breast growth as a side effect? Apparently it does. Some studies on the Risperdal breast growth link is found below. Several studies found that Risperidone — which is sold under the brand name Risperdal — is linked with breast growth among men particularly boys and adolescents. For instance, a recent November 2015 study by Mahyar Etminan, Bruce Carleton, and James M Brophy which was […]

Florbetaben Helps Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease

January 28, 2020 Hill Fox 0

The new radioactive imaging agent has been bought from its developer, Germany’s Bayer AG by Indian drugmaker Piramal Healthcare. Now in late clinical trials and likely to be approved by federal drug regulators late this year, florbetaben — an experimental radioactive agent — is expected to help doctors make an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in people suffering the serious memory and cognitive problems of dementia. That’s good news for millions of people worldwide who […]

Amyvid Test for Alzheimers Approved by FDA

January 27, 2020 Hill Fox 0

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease. A mind-robber, it steals away everything that makes a patient human — memory, language skills, perception of time and space — and even the ability to feed one’s self. Sufferers are gripped by fear and frustration, as they struggle with everyday tasks and slowly lose their independence. Friends and family are hurt as they helplessly witness how the disease takes their loved one from them bit by bit. There’s currently […]

Lexapro Side Effects: Nausea, Insomnia, Fatigue

January 23, 2020 Hill Fox 0

Lexapro Side Effects: Nausea, Insomnia, Fatigue. People who suffer from depression and those with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) who are looking for a drug to get themselves in better shape, might be happy to know that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a generic version of the brand drug Lexapro. So how does Lexapro (generic name: Escitalopram) work to make us feel better and emerge from the valley of depression? According to the […]