Radiotherapy Side Effects – PORT or Postoperative Risks

December 14, 2019 Hill Fox 0

New study says radiation for advanced lung cancer doesn’t help. It’s routinely given after surgery in a bid to prevent cancer from recurring. But postoperative radiotherapy, or PORT, can damage the heart and lungs — thereby canceling out the potential benefits, particularly in seniors. Now a new study even shows that for older people with a certain type and stage of lung cancer, giving radiation treatment after surgery may not extend survival. And while there […]

Wifi Side Effects on Health: Low Sperm Count and Short Attention Span?

December 7, 2019 Hill Fox 0

Wifi Side Effects on Health: Low Sperm Count and Short Attention Span? Three studies conducted over the past five years suggest that long-term use of Wi-Fi devices may pose many risks to human health — making men infertile and decreasing young people’s ability to concentrate when finishing mental tasks. It may also pose a risk to the growing brains of school-age children exposed to higher Wi-Fi waves in classrooms. The most recent study says that […]

PlayStation Side Effects: Palmar Hidradenitis

April 26, 2017 Hill Fox 0

PlayStation Side Effects. Do you have PlayStation palmar hidradenitis? If you spend a lot of your time in front of your PlayStation, then you just might have this PlayStation palmar hidradenitis thingie. But what is it? Well, it is a new skin disorder caused by your constant use of games consoles. Check out this BBC report on a swiss girl who was diagnosed with this new disease. Doctors who examined her at the Geneva University […]